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Tigerlady (57) Waiting For Wilma - Thank you for all your lovely comments and votes on our last post. At 57 I am nervous of posting with all these lovely younger women. I hope you enjoy these too. We planned the holiday in the Carribean and Key West for months ahead, watched Rita and thought that that would be the last hurricane for the season, then along came Wilma right in the middle of our holiday. All our onward flights were cancelled, airports closed etc so we had to find something to do while waiting for Wilma to hit. Hurricanes are very frightening and we don't want anyone to think that we are making light of what happened in Wilma or the even bigger tragedy of Rita.

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Maria is in her early fifties, married, but not to me. Now exploring the limits of her sexuality. Loves the erotic. Contris in NW were her first bold act. She's now willing to experiment further and will try anything once; another man, woman, couple, or ??. Only requirements are: nice people, no pain, and I don't leave her alone with strangers. If you live around Wash. DC suburbs, leave a comment with your e-mail address. I'll respond with an e-mail address to where you can send a note with your fantasy (or maybe I'll tell you her's). If she's game, I'll set it up. (event will be photo'd and posted in NW) She's only occaisonally available so you must have a very flexible schedule. Prefer men or women, married, over 40, with average bodies. Eventually a picture will be required. (only fair, you've seen most of her) Will consider younger married men that really like older women. (Maybe once upon a time, you fantasized about doing it with one of your teachers or your mother's best friend)

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Hi, my name is Rae and I do not surf the web at all. But the other daymy Husband showed me your site and some photos on it. He found some photosthat looked a lot like me, naked, and sleeping. After a download and a closerlook, sure enough they were of me. Seems as though a date took some shotssome time ago of me a sleep, naked. So since he (the date) didn't get it,and never did, my husband and I put some shots together for (the date) toshow him what he missed. This is for everyone's enjoyment also. Taken inMexico on a vacation. Enjoy, (the date) and Kate these shots are for you also. More will followif the reaction is good. I can't believe I am doing this. Enjoy, Regards, Rae

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