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Wanna me tell you the story about my first sex experience and how I get used to have sex with anyone who has got a big dick? It was in school when our class decided to celebrate summer holiday and we headed towards the plage. There were two girls and four boys and we drank beer and enjoyed swimming. I was in love with one of the boy and wanted us to get close that day, but… it happened that I got close with all four of them. That was so Exciting to be fucked by all of them! To say you more they all possessed big penises and since that time I Adore big dicks and do not pass the chance by to have sex with such guys.

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Lexi - Back In Action - I am so fucking happy that summer is finally over and things can get back to normal! It took awhile, but I am totally over my hot *former* co-worker Mike and all his bullshit. After months of going at it with rough sex and parking lot blowjobs, I found out that the fucker was married and had been sneaking around with me the entire time. I am not sure that I would've cared had he told me upfront, but I am just pissed off that there was so much drama. At least this totally explains why I never really saw him much outside of the office! The good news is that I got him to do some sex photos and mp4 with me before I found out, and some of them are already up on my website. God help him if he ever pisses me off LOL. Anyhow, I quit that job and I've had most of the summer to work on my site and enjoy a few days of doing absolutely nothing. And now that my will to live and sex drive are back, I wanted to send in these photos from last month because I dig how they turned out. I also wanted to give major thanks to Kate for creating such an amazing place on the web, and also everyone who's posted nice comments and sent me emails through my site--you've all been my support system and you totally rock!

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We spend so much time indoors after winter arrives here in Michigan. So for my birthday, my wife surprised me. After we returned home, she told me to get my camera. And I couldn't believe what she had planned after that. First, she slowly took her clothes off for the camera. Then -- more and more and more! She must have planned this surprise all night long, which explains why she drank so many glasses of wine. Unfortunately, she is far too shy to be identified. And as you can see, there is a large gap in the sequence of photos. But with enough encouragement, perhaps she will reconsider.... Or at least let me take more photos :).

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