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Well, here she is for the first time on the net. Her name is Shelly B. She is young. hot and loves sex, sex, sex. Did I mention she's my wife? I can't get enough of her. Unfortunately she does not have a sister, but maybe we can share if she gets good reviews. We frequent the chat room at voyeur as ShellyB or Scottnshell so feel free to say HI. She is 100% bisexual and loves to talk dirty w/male or female. She also looking to meet other bi ladies for chat or possible romp in the flesh. I have hundreds of hi res pictures of her that I may trade for panty pics (white cottons are my favorite) I don't know why Kate does not like them. Tell my wife what you think of her, and maybe she will let me send more. please put her in the contest.

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Hi Everyone at voy-zone, Here is the naughty pics of me and my new friend Sandra!! For those who didn't catch the story on voy-zone, Sandra contacted me through a latin swingers web-site (yes I am a REAL swinger). She is from Guatemala, and she told me she was coming to Mexico City to meet me. Once here, hubby and I showed her my web-site and she liked it so much that she not only agreed to let me use her pics with me, but she is starting her own Quantum site!!! We spent a whole afternoon and most of the night playing nasty, sexy games with each other. She is really hot, sexy and TASTY, hmmmm!! Look for her to start posting here soon. In the meantime, enjoy the pics, and look for more of my hot adventures at my site below and here at voy-zone. xoxoxo Claudia

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*Gg Nipple Play - Ya know, why is it that when there's a nipple really close to your mouth, it just automatically opens and your tongue comes out?? Guess it's kind of like a zipper when there's a pretty girls face nearby......lol. In these pics, Michele is the suckie...and Heather is the sucker, and I want to get in the middle some how! Hey, I've got great news, Jade is defenitely comming back to The Velvet Curtain!! I'll let her explain her situation as she's taking over the contri's again starting with next. I remember she had a TON of movies and pictures already up, and I know she's doing more already! Be nice and welcome her back with open arms...and big stiffies, of course!! Jenna.

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