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Last set for this baaaaad kitty. I have to tell you all something... this year, EVERY single one of my gangbangs has fallen through... I blame the economy for so many cancellations. People are not taking care of themselves and they have less time to escape for a few hours (or they can't afford it). We will give up on NW for fuck-buddies for a while (we use a swingers site for that now), BUT I would still LOVE for you to cum on my face. If you want to play (SERIOUSLY) or you want the vid, leave an email (nice comment and vote, don't forget). PS (pervert script) - If you get to the end of the road, and you never did but you REALLY, REALLY wanted to... well, you know how that might feel, perverts that you are! Don't be SCARED of a little PUSSY!

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Hello all. We have made this series in the "Middelheimpark" in Belgium. It's a beautiful place, with an open air art exhibition the whole year thru. It was very exciting, because the police in Belgium are very strict about flashing naked. Of course we looked first if there were no children (or police-men) before my husband took the pictures. We hope you'll enjoy watching them as much as we did making them. This was my first photo shooting outdoors. If you let us know that you like them, we will present you another series in which I (of course in the nude) will guide you through my hometown Breda in the Netherlands. CU

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Hello once again to the wonderful voy-zone crew and NW members..... This session started out as just a shoot of me in my new boots....As you will seeone thing led to another and the pics will speak for themselves..... My hubby surely loves those "blowjobs" but tonight was a little different..... I thought it would be a good op to bring him around to my "kinky" way of thinking..... Well needless to say it didn't take much once I started sucking him and giving him a lil "footjob"..... Seems he may have likedthe new boots alittle too much..... As he put it when it was all over, he was just breaking them in for a "friend".....hehe Kisses to all,

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