Various Nude In Public...

nude artist in a public alley camera clicking away

Playa Voyeur: Exhibitionist Duo.

Was on vaction in Jacksonville. Florida USA, went to the playa with my NikkonD100 this is what I saw!

Two Nights In Seatle...

Just relieving at a SoCal strand last summer.

Chelsea In Pinstripes...

We used a Nikon D80 with a 70-300 mm lens.

Strand Voyeur: Summer Memories - Two.

Could not get a shot from the front - her hubby was like a eagle watching eveyone moving!!!

Romcst Exposed In Public 1...

Once more, a selection of dolls picked up in a nude Barcelona playa

Plage Voyeur: Pool Voyeur: A few Nymphs.

Pictures on a hot sandy sand where my accomplice luved unwrapping off flashing her freshly waxed bod to any passing voyeurs

Stripped to the waist Amateur: Plage Gal Two.

There is a duo of photos that i took with my hubby at a mall here in my city!

Hidden cam
Nude Girlfriend: Nude At The Playa.

Here I am at the plage wearing a sheer sundress and no boulder-holder or underpants. Love watching me unwrap for you

I was a bit tipsy after that bottle of wine and when we got close to our hotel and I wanted to play in the ocean.

Real nudistFamily

A Day At The Playa In Michigan...

Margy, wants to share with you this evening photographs on a sand in South America

All ages
Sand Voyeur: Mallorca Nude Playa.

I managed to catch Two shots of this ultra-cutie braless just before her and her friend determined to leave.

Sarah: Naked On The Sand.

They were just waiting for someone to capture them. Too effortless

Strand Voyeur: Cruise...

Bike Week at Myrtle Sand South Carolina 2007, After taking over 300 pictures here are a few Femmes of all shapes and ages to embark, Love them Gals, More to come...