Various Nude In Public...

nude artist in a public alley camera clicking away

Playa Voyeur: Exhibitionist Duo.

Was on vaction in Jacksonville. Florida USA, went to the playa with my NikkonD100 this is what I saw!

Two Nights In Seatle...

Just relieving at a SoCal strand last summer.

Chelsea In Pinstripes...

We used a Nikon D80 with a 70-300 mm lens.

Strand Voyeur: Summer Memories - Two.

Could not get a shot from the front - her hubby was like a eagle watching eveyone moving!!!

Romcst Exposed In Public 1...

Once more, a selection of dolls picked up in a nude Barcelona playa

Plage Voyeur: Pool Voyeur: A few Nymphs.

Pictures on a hot sandy sand where my accomplice luved unwrapping off flashing her freshly waxed bod to any passing voyeurs

Nude Girlfriend: More Shots On The Beach!...

The Mediterranean sun is hot. Camilla can not be sans its microbikini. To the delight of my eye and the serenity of other couples.

Some Nice Playa Pictures...

But one wild week at the black sea will switch her mind...

More Non-beach Miniskirts Vidcaps...

We had the strand to ourselves so Sexyb determined to have some joy, the water was pretty cold tho'.

Stripped to the waist Amateur: Plage Gal Two.

There is a duo of photos that i took with my hubby at a mall here in my city!

Hidden cam
Nude Girlfriend: Nude At The Playa.

Here I am at the plage wearing a sheer sundress and no boulder-holder or underpants. Love watching me unwrap for you

I was a bit tipsy after that bottle of wine and when we got close to our hotel and I wanted to play in the ocean.

Real nudistFamily

A Day At The Playa In Michigan...

Margy, wants to share with you this evening photographs on a sand in South America

All ages
Sand Voyeur: Mallorca Nude Playa.

I managed to catch Two shots of this ultra-cutie braless just before her and her friend determined to leave.

Sarah: Naked On The Sand.

They were just waiting for someone to capture them. Too effortless

Strand Voyeur: Cruise...

Bike Week at Myrtle Sand South Carolina 2007, After taking over 300 pictures here are a few Femmes of all shapes and ages to embark, Love them Gals, More to come...

What Can Catch On Strand Four.

When I was at the strand I took some pictures of me and my poon

Kazantip Annual Playa Music Festival...

Summer last year. On a warm day this youthful beauty emerges and have fun some sand ball nude in front of me.

Plage Paramour Ambling Across Silver Lake Sand Dunes...

3rd part form Odessa - nice city at the Black Sea